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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Take Five: Wall Clocks

Sure, your laptop has the time on the bottom right, all of your e-mails state the time and for most of us, we have a watch on our wrist that tells the time. But clocks are a fun way to decorate our home office. They can make a bold statement, be traditional or whimsical.

One of my favorite clocks that I actually have hanging in my living room is the
Silhouette Cuckoo Clockfrom Anthropologie. Although the cuckoo doesn’t work, it is a bold color statement against my dark brown walls and it adds whimsy which I love. The George Nelson Sunburst Clock is a classic and can brighten up any dull space. The BRAVUR clock from IKEA is simple, inexpensive and goes with pretty much any decor. Clean, simple design is what you’ll get with the Junghans Clock from Nova 68. If you’re going for a more traditional look, the Roman Numeral Clock from Wisteria is a simple, yet stylish statement.

No matter what your style, a wall clock is functional and beautiful. So get ticking!

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