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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Graduation Gift Etiquette

by Lisa Friedman/

Graduation is Bittersweet
These are just some of the emotions graduates face as they close one door and open another. That being said, it is important as a friend, parent, spouse, cousin, aunt or uncle to show your support for the graduate as she (or he) goes out to conquer the world (or high school)!

Here are some basic graduation etiquette tips…

Whom do you acknowledge?
It is thoughtful to acknowledge anyone you know who is graduating – whether they are graduating from 5th grade or med school. Graduation is a meaningful time in people’s lives, so if someone you know is graduating, it is thoughtful to show your support and acknowledge them.

How do you acknowledge?
This can be done with a gift, card, phone call or even an email. In your note to the graduate, you should express how proud you are of her achievements and the confidence you have in her future.

What do I give for a gift?
You can help them cherish the memories of the past few years or help them look forward to a new beginning. A monogrammed photo album, photo printer, engraved photo frame, customized bottle of wine or personalized memory book would all touch the heart of the graduate and let her know that nothing was left too far behind. To show your support for her new beginning, opt for a designer business card case, passport cover, cool alarm clock, engraved cuff-links, or a customized laptop bag. To simply pass along your well wishes, you can send flowers, cookies or an edible card.

How much should I spend?
It is not so much the dollar spent, but the thought that counts, especially when it comes to graduation gifts. Graduation is not a mandatory gift giving occasion for people outside the immediate family. That being said, anything you do give will be enormously appreciated. Whether it is a $10 edible card with a sincere message or a $200 engraved locket, she will be touched by your thought during this exciting time in her life.

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