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Monday, September 22, 2008

Alternative Sources of Income During a Recession

Everyday the news reports more and more pink slips. It’s hard to not worry if you haven’t gotten the slip, and if you have you’re probably overwhelmed at finding a job in this economy. We’ve talked to people who have gone through this same thing. Here are some things people are doing to make extra money until they can find a job.

1) Pet Sitting: Believe it or not, people that haven’t gotten a pink slip need someone to help with their pets. From walking pets to staying overnight this service is in demand. There’s no reason you can’t send out resumes from someone else’s house and make some extra money while you are at it.

2) Meal Service: Do you like to cook? Print a weekly menu of what you plan to cook and share it with your neighbors. Offer to deliver a home cooked meal to their door if they order at least 24 hours in advance.

3) House Sitting: For short and/or frequent business trips calling to cancel the paper or hold mail is a pain. Make sure neighbors, friends, and family know that you are willing to stay in their homes for a fee.

4) Concierge: Let friends, family, and local businesses know that you are an expert on your area. You can schedule site seeing, recommend and make restaurant reservations, and even book hotels. If you live in a well-known tourist location you may find that your neighbors would be relieved to have house guests taken off their hands.

5) Homework Club: Patient with children? Remember your math lessons? I would pay any amount of money for someone to do my children’s home work with them. Invite kids to your house for “homework club.” I think you’ll be surprised at how many parents will pay for this service.

6) Personal Assistant: You have to go to the grocery store anyway, why not go for all your neighbors. Offer to run errands, take an elderly parent to the doctor, do banking, grocery shopping, make phone calls, pay bills.

While these may all seem like great ideas, please check with the local licensing agencies to make sure that you don’t need any special permits or licenses. Please let us know if you have any other ideas.

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  1. In this economy you would be surprised by how many people actually still need house sitting because of trips and/or vacationing! I make my car and insurance payment by house sitting only twice a month!