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Friday, January 23, 2009

Graduate In Style

She’s figured out Geometry, analyzed Statistics and her History final is a thing of the past. Celebrate her accomplishments with a graduation gift as smart and stylish as she is.

Whether your graduate is moving up to high school, moving out to college or moving on to the “real world” of the work force, See Jane Work has the organizational tools and supplies that will help get her prepared for the next step.

Junior High or Middle School Graduate Going to High School

OMG! Pink backpacks, and notebooks with pictures of puppies on them are so 8th grade! Your Teen Queen needs school supplies that reflect her emerging sense of style, and organizational tools that will help her make the transition from the playground to the senior quad.
  • From Intro to Lit to Biology Lab, composition books are essential high school supplies. Let her express her individuality even when she’s working on group projects with colorful Composition Books from See Jane Work.

  • The My Agenda planner has a week-at-a-view calendar format to help her keep track of daily appointments and due dates, as well as four extra rows at the bottom of each week for filling in class schedules, practices, meetings and study groups.

  • While odds are her cell-phone is never far from her ear, she might need help keeping track of little things like her house keys, student ID, and library card. The Do Not Forget door hanger has pockets to hold her wallet, sunglasses, and iPod, and a strip on the back helps keep homework assignments from being “eaten by the dog.”

  • While high school may seem like it lasts forever, the next step is really only a few years away. Get started on the college application process early with the AppliCase from Captio. With comprehensive lists, forms, and instructions, as well as pre-screened resources for everything from college selection to finding financial aid, the AppliCase will give your college-bound student a leg up on the arduous task of selecting a suitable school.

High School Graduate Going to College

It seems like only yesterday you were wiping a tear off her cheek as you dropped her off on her first day of kindergarten. Now you’re wiping the tears off your own cheeks as you realize your little girl is going away to college.

Don’t worry, you’ll get over your weepiness when you start making plans for the home office/den/guest room you’ll have once you get all her junk boxed-up and moved to the attic. But before you start ripping out the carpet, get her a gift that encourages her independence while at the same time letting her know you’re always there for her.

  • She’s getting an advanced education and you’re getting an advanced migraine trying to get her to keep track of the receipts for tuition and other educational expenses that you’ll need to provide to your accountant in order to get any kind of tax break for this little investment. Help her help you with the CollegeCase from Captio. The handy ‘In Box’ keeps receipts and documents from getting lost and the included tips and resources will help her plan ahead for financial self-reliance.

  • College dorm rooms are notorious for many things, but tons of storage space isn’t one of them. Give your college student someplace to keep her paperwork, catalogs and mail with coordinating pieces from the See Jane Work Basics Collection. Magazine Files hold periodicals, catalogs, and class lists, upright on bookshelves or desk tops, and stackable Letter Trays will give her a neat and tidy place to keep mail, schedules and reports.

  • It’s not that you don’t love to hear from her, but her cell phone bill is eating into your retirement savings. Cut down on the number of “411” calls she makes to you by giving her a planner with the ‘contacts’ pages filled-in with the physical and e-mail addresses of friends and family, as well as emergency numbers. The next time she needs to send Aunt Rose a “thank you” card, it won’t cost you forty-five daytime minutes.

  • While you’re at it…give her some note cards and a nice pen or pencil. Tuck some postage stamps in the box so she can’t use that as another excuse to “just call.”

  • Now that you’re not waiting up for her every Saturday night, how will you know that she’s safe? Give yourself a little peace of mind by sending her off with the Collision Kit from Buttoned Up. With a flash camera and pockets for her insurance info, road service card and registration she’ll be as prepared as possible in the event of an accident or roadside emergency.

  • Give her a head start towards that A+ in English 101 with a Leather Bound Dictionary and Thesaurus. One of the most frequently used reference sources of all time, the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is a staple in classrooms and libraries.

College Graduate Going into the Work Force

It’s that moment that every parent dreams of…the moment when their little girl becomes a financially independent adult. Never mind the fact you’re still paying for her car loan, her auto insurance, and her gas. She’s got a college degree and that’s a step in the right direction.

Congratulate her for all her hard work and give her an edge during job interviews with a gift that says she’s young, she’s fresh, and she’s got style.

  • A laptop case protects her computer (which you probably paid for) and gives her a polished, professional look whether she’s going to interviews or starting her new career.

  • Help her get through those first few weeks at her new job when she doesn’t know anyone and can’t seem to make it out of the elevator without snagging her stocking. The Working Girl’s Survival Kit includes a bottle of clear nail polish, deodorant and twenty more essential health and beauty items that she’ll stash in her desk drawer as soon as she knows which desk will be hers.

  • She may have a long way to go to reach the top of the ladder, but she’s meeting people and making contacts along the way. A card case filled with her own business cards shows she’s got…well at least a name and a phone number. If her company doesn’t provide new-hires with cards right away, order some for her from the local print shop with her name and contact info printed on them. Tuck them in a Leather Business Card Holder, so she’ll have them ready whenever she meets a new associate or potential client.

  • A nice pencil cup and desk pad will make even the desk next to the janitor’s closet look dressed up and professional. Include a set of Fashion Color Pencils to give her first workspace flair.

  • Being an adult means having adult responsibilities. Help her keep track of insurance policies, bank accounts and even emergency plans with the Life.doc Organizing Binder from Buttoned Up.

If your graduation gift is a financial contribution, or maybe even a trip abroad, think about giving her something to open besides an envelope. Luggage Tags from Pamela Barsky will help her find her suitcase if she’s planning a trip, or going to school far from home. A blank journal gives her a place to record her thoughts, dreams and aspirations as she moves on to the next chapter in her life.

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