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Friday, March 28, 2008

Gifting In The Office

Gifting in the office can be difficult. You never want to spend too little or too much, but how do you know what just right is? We turned to an expert for advice. Lisa Friedman is a gifting expert. Her website not only tells you what to give, but helps you remember when to give it.

Lisa, what are the must give occasions in the office?
There are two occasions that are ABSOLUTELY necessary to give gifts in the workplace: Administrative Professional Day (4/22/09) and National Boss Day (10/16/09). Birthdays and holidays are not necessary to give gifts but should still be acknowledged whether it is with a group lunch, a secret Santa, or even a birthday cake for everyone to share.

It’s always difficult to buy for your boss. They know how much you make, so you don’t want to over buy and seem like you don’t manage your money properly and/or are trying to score points. On the other hand if you spend too little you may seem like a cheap skate. What occasions must you buy for a boss? How much should you spend? Do you have any no fail gift ideas?
While you don’t want to seem like you are trying to score more points with your boss, you also don’t want your boss to think that you do not appreciate this opportunity as well as his/her mentorship. I suggest either giving your boss something that he/she can use at the office from a personalized notepad to a stress relief kit. If you want to give something more expensive, ask the other employees to chip in on either a lunch for your boss, a favorite bottle of wine, to even a personalized leather portfolio case.

At some offices it seems like someone is always collecting for a group present. Am I obligated to participate? Can I purchase my own gift?
While you may want to give your own gift, I suggest that you go in on the group gift so that you don’t offend everyone or give them the wrong idea. If you really want to give your own gift, perhaps just give a card and a small token such as a piece of candy or chocolate.

What are some great inexpensive ideas for co-worker gifts?
Gifts for co-workers can range from hilarious and pointless gifts to very functional. Below are my top four favorite co-worker gift ideas:
1. Notepad Mouse Pad from See Jane Work.
2. I’m not a Plastic Cup
3. Bob’s Your Uncle File Folders from See Jane Work
4. Personalized Moleskin Notepad

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