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Friday, August 07, 2009

How to Overcome Organizing Obstacles - Part 3 - Separation Anxiety

Judging by the growing number of self-storage facilities and professional organizing services popping up everywhere, many of us are struggling with an almost paralyzing inability to manage our belongings.

From last season’s fashions to last month’s periodicals, we are spending too much time and energy searching through heaps, sorting through stacks, and sifting through piles. It’s just so hard to let it go.

Before you start to panic, realize that you don’t need to give up treasured possessions, even if they don’t serve any practical purpose. If your grandmother’s favorite candy dish is stored in a box in the hall closet because there is simply no way to incorporate her signature pink poodles into your decor, that’s okay. But really how attached are you to that plastic piggy bank with your accountant’s name and number stamped on the side that’s gathering dust on your office shelf?

Try these tips…
  • Pretend you’re going shopping. Walk through your office and home like you’re in a boutique. What would you buy, and what would you pass over? Would you really choose that plain mouse pad that came with your computer, or is a designer mouse pad with matching folders for desktop files more your style?
  • Change your attitude. Think about it…when you clear your desk, your closet, or even your calendar, you’re not losing anything rather you’re gaining valuable space and precious time.
  • Give to a good cause. I know it feels wrong to give away a jacket you only wore once before you noticed that it makes you look kind of frumpy. But if you give unwanted items to a non-profit agency whose cause you support you can turn shopping mistakes into valuable donations.
    By recognizing the things that come between you and your organizing goals you can begin to overcome those obstacles and develop a strategy for getting and staying organized that will simply become a habit…and good habits are hard to break.

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