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Monday, September 21, 2009

Scheduling And Other Dilemmas of Modern Life

Scheduling has always been a problem for me. I'd like to think it's because more demands have been placed on women today. The reality is that although I have to bring home the soy bacon and fry it up in the microwave, my grandmother was up at dawn milking cows. When I think of it in those terms, my hectic life suddenly seems more appealing.

It's not that life was any easier then, it was just more repetitive. There also weren't as many choices when it came to keeping track of tasks and events. My grandmother was happy with a free wall calendar from the local drugstore. That would never work for me.

I like the idea of a smart phone, but without a wall calendar my kids would end up at practice when they're supposed to be at tutoring. A paper based Agenda is visually more appealing, but communicating appointments to my assistant would be frustrating. There just isn't one perfect method. The key to staying organized is knowing who you are and what method or combination of methods will work best for you at any given moment.

When deciding on an Agenda or Planner, take note of the following:

  1. Life is full of change. You get promoted, change jobs, and your children grow up. You don't need to stick with a system that doesn't work, allow it to change with you.
  2. There isn't a rule that says you must use one method. A combination of methods may be more effective.

Here are some ides:
  1. Work in an office and have kids? Try a combination of the Whomi Wall Calendar and your computer. This stylish alternative to the ugly wall calendar you get every year in the mail will actually complement your kitchen decor.
  2. Visually minded? Try a Sarah Pinto Planner. Stylish and simple, this planner has a section at the end of each week that is great for tracking personal goals.
  3. Indecisive? Try the Bob's Your Uncle 8 Days-A-Week Planner. It's undated, so if you forget to use it for a couple weeks, no pages are wasted. Simply pick up where you left off.
  4. Busy mom? Try the Mom Agenda. Each day is divided by family member.
  5. Student? Try the My Agenda. Each day is divided by subject.


  1. i don't have kids but i definitely need like three agendas AND a wall calendar. great customer service btw... kevin and heather are so helpful.

  2. The Sarah Pinto planners look just like Kate Spade but with a better price! Love 'em!


  3. I love the WhoMi Wall Calendar, and agree: it's hard to choose just one system. I mostly use iCal on my phone/computer, but my kids and family benefit from having a wall calendar so they can know what's happening, too. I like the color coding that this calendar offers.

    I wish there was a way to combine the two calendar systems without doubling the work!