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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back-to-School WORK

Have you ever noticed that no matter how old you may appear, you still feel the same inside? Unless faced with a mirror, my age was just a number. Unfortunately, that number became painfully apparent when I attempted to join my kids on a Slip-N-Slide. Now with that experience permanently cemented into my brain and my injured hip, I’ve come to accept that I must give up some vestiges of my youth. I may still enjoy the occasional Popsicle or swing in the park, but I’ve retired my mini-skirts and short-shorts. The one thing that I won’t give up is Back-to-School shopping.

Back-to-School shopping was the only time my father would spend money. He may have believed that with the right notebook I would suddenly understand the quadratic equation. You can’t blame the guy for trying and honestly the reason didn’t really matter. The end result was the same. My dad forked out some cash and I had new clothes and school supplies that somehow made me believe this school year would be different; full of good hair days and good grades.

Every year around this time I get that familiar desire for new clothes and office supplies; a new dress for an important meeting, maybe even just a notebook or pencil cup, something that will jump-start my creativity and inspire me at work. Although my goals have changed, grades no longer matter and a good hair day is when my grays don’t show, the main premise remains. This year will be different. So get inspired and get that promotion!

Must Have Back-To-School List: