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Friday, December 03, 2010

See Jane Create

What's a Jane to do when she can't find a stylish cork board? Make one....

Finding exactly what you want isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to office supplies.

I recently did an office makeover for an online news editor. She works from home in her lovely, but small, Manhattan apartment on a desk that is visible from anywhere in her home. I was challenged to find desk accessories that wouldn’t take up a lot of room. I decided that wall storage would be a great solution, but I couldn’t find a bulletin board that fit her style, so I decided to make one. It turned out really well, so I thought I would share it with you.

Supplies (prices vary depending on location):

Ung Drill Frame from IKEA $29.99
Rolled cork from Office Depot $11.59
Spray Adhesive from Office Depot $ 5.29
Jewel Push Pins from Office Depot $1.99


1) Remove glass and backing from frame. Recycle glass, retain backing
2) Use backing as template to cut cork to size, must be precise.
3) Apply spray adhesive to cardboard frame backing.
4) Mount cork to cardboard backing.
5) Sit a heavy object like a book or laptop on the cork until the adhesive is dry.
6) Reattach the backing
7) Hang (I didn’t bother with the side screw holes, simply a nail at the top)
8) Use adorable jewel push pins from Office Depot to complete the look.



  1. I did something similar a few years back, but wasn't happy with the results because the cork wasn't 'deep' enough... the pushpins kept falling out. How did you handle that here?

  2. The backing that came with this frame was thick so by adhering the cork to the backing we gained additional depth. If you use a frame that does not have a thick backing or if you still have trouble use thicker cork that is sold in pieces rather than rolls. Thanks for letting us know about this!